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Your next new customer has changed the way they buy...
Have you changed the way you sell?

It's More Than a Channel Change

Much More! In addition to the exponential growth in the number of channels your Next New Customer uses they have also drastically changed their purchasing behaviors. They are not listening to our “Push” marketing messages and are actively searching for themselves.

They Have Also Erected Barriers

They feel our “Push” marketing messages are so intrusive they have actually erected barriers to our messaging including voice mail, SPAM filters and even ad blockers so they can focus on what they want to search for, when they want to search for it.

Are They Trying to tell Us Something?

Are they trying to tell us something?

Absolutely, your Next New Customer feels our “Push” Marketing messages are intrusive and worse, they don’t trust them anymore. They have placed their trust in what they discover online including recommendations from friends, neighbors and co-workers in their social sphere.

Up to 88% Search Online Before They Buy...
Will They Find You or Your Competition First?

Made Themselves Experts in Search

Your Next New Customer has made themselves experts in search, especially online. They are not only searching for facts and figures such as feature and benefits they are also searching for social proof “they” can believe in from their social sphere or even directly from your customers.

Searching Everywhere and Anytime

Time spent on Search Engines, Social Networks, Communication Apps and more continue to grow at the expense of traditional marketing channels. Your Next New Customer may begin a search on their desktop in the morning, continue on their phone at lunch and reach out to a prospective vendor using their tablet before they go to bed.

What Are They Searching For?

They are searching to solve a problem or improve the quality of their life or the life of someone they care about. Ironically while they are actively blocking your “Push” marketing messages Your Next New Customer is online searching for you.

But Wait, I Tried the Internet ...

... It Didn’t Work!

You Are Not Alone

Businesses, non-profits and membership organizations across the country have been struggling to determine what works for their business in the digital age. Your Next New Customer has changed their behavior so to be successful we have to change our strategies to attract them.

New Channels Require New Strategies

Your Next New Customer consumes content using different devices on many different channels each and every day. The secret is to get your message in front of them in a way they will appreciate. If you are not on one of their favorite channels you are, well . . . invisible to them.

Who Has Time For All This?

This is key, owners and executives need to keep control and direct their message from the top then use marketing automation tools to efficiently distribute and disseminate appropriate marketing messages across multiple channels. Marketing Automation is the only answer or it simply won’t get done.

What Are They Saying About You Online?
... What if it’s Bad?

There is Only One Thing Worse

The only thing worse than someone saying something bad about you online is if you don’t know someone is saying something bad about you online. Marketing automation tools can alert you to good and bad sediment published about you and your brand online so you can know and take appropriate action.

Digital Doppelganger

Protect Your Reputation

The good news is a lot of bad information found online is about somebody else with the same or similar name. The bad news is your Next New Customer might not dig deep enough to realize the negative information they just found is not about you. Don’t let a digital Doppelganger ruin your reputation.

Best Defense is a Strong Offense

If you have the ball they can’t score, so get in the game. Make sure your brand is properly represented on the right channels so your Next New Customer can easily find you. They are searching for you and your solution right now and we can prove it with one simple question, How did you find this page? Let’s talk.

Where is Your Next New Customer?

Let’s Talk About Your Next New Customer

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